Tea Times

Rotation: Max, Mark, Ian, Iris, Hugo

When: 3p MWF
Where: Onterie conference room (931)

Feel free to drop by or send an email to i-stevenson <at> northwestern.edu if you'd like to be added to our rough announcements list. Here's the current calendar. Similar to the Gatsby Tea, we'll try to stick to a few varieties: papers, research, tutorial, or guest speakers.

Guest Speakers

10/27/10: Dani Bassett
08/30/10: Graham Osborn
06/09/10: Jérôme Sackur
02/18/10: John Schlerf
02/11/10: Bob Scheidt
09/28/09: Eric DeWitt
08/27/09: Ben Recht
08/14/09: Daniel Choukroun
08/04/09: Brain London and Anil Cherian (Miller Lab)
06/02/09: Kia Nazarpour
05/27/09: Greg Shakhnarovich
05/22/09: Michael Carrol
05/21/09: Virginia Chu
04/16/09: CJ Heckman
03/23/09: Derek Kamper (Hand Lab)
02/23/09: Herman van der Kooij

Papers to present…

Feel free to put any papers you'd like to see presented here.

Motor Control

Dissociating variability and effort as determinants of coordination. O'Sullivan I, Burdet E, Diedrichsen J. PLoS Comput Biol 2009 Apr 5(4):e1000345

Motor task variation induces structural learning. Braun DA, Aertsen A, Wolpert DM, Mehring C. Curr Biol 2009 Feb 24 19(4):352-7

Sensory transformations and the use of multiple reference frames for reach planning. McGuire LM, Sabes PN. Nat Neurosci 2009 Aug 12(8):1056-61


Maximization of the connectivity repertoire as a statistical principle governing the shapes of dendritic arbors. Wen Q, Stepanyants A, …, Grosberg AY, Chklovskii DB. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2009 Jul 21

Lewi, J., Butera, R., Schneider, D., Woolley, S. & Paninski, L. (2008). Designing neurophysiology experiments to optimally constrain receptive field models along parametric submanifolds. NIPS.

Outdated stuff…

For lists of some of the things we've gone over in the past checkout

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