Journal Club

Starting 2/2/09 we're changing to daily Tea Times. 4:00p-4:45p in Onterie conference room (931). Feel free to drop by or send an email to i-stevenson <at> if you'd like to be added to our rough announcements list. Also, here's a library of all the papers we've read: You can look at tags and download things to bibtex. You can add papers to this library by creating your own user on citeulike or using the 'klab' user (ask Ian for the passw).

On Deck:

PDF Learning to Transform Time Series with a Few Examples (2007)
A Rahimi, B Recht, T Darrell. IEEE Trans PAMI. (Ian)
01/29/09 Greg PDF Embodied perception and the economy of action. (2006) Proffitt, D.R. Perspectives on Psych Sci, 1(2), 110-122.
01/08/09 Ian PDF Voodoo correlations in social neuroscience (in press) Vul, E et al. Perspectives on Psych Sci
08/25/08 Sascha Serwe
08/13/08 Ian PDF Some thoughts on uncertainty and population coding and Knill and Pouget, TINS (2004)
07/24/08 Ian PDF Spatio-temporal correlations and visual signaling… (2008) Pillow et. al. Nature
07/17/08 Max PDF Motor Adaptation as a Process of Reoptimization (2008) : Izawa et. al. J Neurosci
07/10/08 Greg PDF Rationalization and Cognitive Dissonance… (unpublished) M. Keith Chen
07/03/08 Kunlin PDF The statistical determinants of adaptation rate… (2008) Burge et al. J Vision.
06/26/08 Max PDF A Bayesian model unifies multisens… (2007) Rowland et al., Exp. Brain Res.
Ian PDF Dimensionality and Dynamics in the Behavior of C. elegans (2008) Stephens et al. PLoS Comp Bio
6/19/08 Max PDF Adaptive control of saccades via internal feedback (2008) Chen-Harris et. al. J. Neurosci
5/27/08 Max PDF Are there distinct neural representations… (2006) Corthos et al. Exp. Brain Res.
5/20/08 Max Flexible Representations of Dynamics Are Used in Object Manipulation, (2008) Ahmed et al., Curr Bio
05/13/08 Jeremy PDF The suppressive influence of SMA… (2007) Kasess et al. Neuroimage.
04/29/08 Jeremy PDF Psychophysical approaches to motor control (1995) Soechting and Flanders, Curr Opinion in Neurobio.
04/22/08 Ian PDF Common-input models for multiple neural… (2007) Kulkarni and Paninski. Network., 18:4, 375-407.
03/10/08 Greg PDF A Bayesian learning model fitted… (1995) B Jovanovi & Y Nyarko, Brookings Papers… Microeconomics.
Max PDF Engines of the brain… (2005) Richard Granger, AI Magazine.
03/03/08 Kunlin PDF The Human Motor Control System's Response to Mech… (2005) Hasan, Z. J Motor Beh, 37(6)
02/25/08 Max PDF The uncontrolled manifold concept… (1999) Scholz, JP and Schoner. Exp Br Research. 126,3 (289-306)
02/14/08 Max PDF Internal models of limb dynamics… (2005) Hwang and Shadmehr, J. Neural. Eng. 2
Greg PDF Questions without words (2006) Maloney et al. In Integ Models of Cog Sys, in prep.
01/31/08 Kalpana PDF Random walking during quiet standing (1994) Collins and De Luca. Phys Rev Lett, 73, 5, 764—767
01/24/08 Rashmi PDF Does luminance-contrast contribute to saliency… Einhauser and Konig. European J Neuro 17.
Ian PDF Contextual guidance of eye movements… Torralba et al. Psych Review 113, 4 (2006)
01/17/08 Jim PDF A model of saliency-based visual attention… Itti et al. IEEE TPAMI 20, 11 (1998).
Taro PDF Natural scene statistics at the centre of gaze. P Reinagel and A M Zador. Network, 10(4) (1999)
01/10/08 Max Visual illusions
10/25/07 Ian PDF Learning objects by learning models… Orbán G et al. CogSci 2006, 645-650.
10/18/07 Kunlin PDF Time of day accounts for overnight improvement… Keisler et al. Learn. and Mem. (2007)
09/27/07 Kalpana PDF An adaptive model of sensory integration… stance control. van der Kooij et al. Biol. Cyb. (2001)
09/20/07 Kunlin PDF Motor adaptation to single force pulses. Fine and Thoroughman. J Neurophysiol. (2001)
Ian PDF An info theoretic approach to the functional classification of neurons. Schneidman et al. NIPS (2003)
09/13/07 Kalpana PDF Influence of visual motion and support surface cues… Dokka, Kenyon, and Keshner. E-Print. (2007)
09/06/07 Max PDF Generalization of Motor Learning Depends on History… Krakauer et al. PLOS Biology. (2006)
Kunlin PDF Learning to move amid uncertainty. Scheidt et al. J Neurophysiol. (2001)
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